Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are we going to repair the church?

Yes. Over the past year there have been council meetings, a feasibility study and parish meetings on this subject. The consensus is that the church is in need of repair and updating. The final scope of the project is yet to be determined. The Church Enhancement Committee is currently working with Evergreene Architectural Arts and other contractors, as well as soliciting input from parishioners, to get designs and cost estimates. At that time the Committee will be able to determine which items can be pursued, and which will need to be delayed for the future. The leadership councils have asked that the final budget not exceed $1.2 million.

+ Will the Church Enhancement have a negative impact on stewardship?

The answer is no. It is proven time and time again that a project like this increases engagement and involvement. Once a steward commits to a life of discipleship they give more. During our appeal, we are only requesting support if a family’s means allow for extraordinary stewardship.

+ How will the Memorial Fund be impacted?

The Church Enhancement Committee and the parish leadership anticipate the entire cost of the project will be raised through donor solicitation and a parish-wide appeal. There are currently some funds held in the Memorial Fund that have been designated by the donors for the church. However, raising the entire $1.2 million for the project will allow these funds to offset future church maintenance costs. Raising funds for the church enhancement is the first step of a 3-year development plan being finalized by parish leadership that includes increasing the Memorial Fund balance.

+ Is the project taking away from our school mission and hurting our fundraising efforts for the school?

No. Parish leadership is currently finalizing a 3-year development plan for our SMC Annual Appeal and Memorial Fund. These two funds bridge the gap between what we bring in through tithing and what it costs to operate our schools. With this new development plan we plan to double the Annual Appeal from $250,000 to $500,000 and only withdraw the current investment earnings of the Memorial Fund, which is approximately $500,000. Half of a $1 million anonymous annual gift will finish bridging the gap, which allows $500,000 from that gift will be put in the Memorial Fund each year to increase the Fund principal.

+ Have the costs of this project been finalized?

The project has an overall budget of $1.2 million. The committee is currently negotiating and seeking estimates for the various elements within the project. With parish feedback, the priorities will be set based on funding available.

+ How are we going to raise the $1.2 million?

We are blessed to have received a $300,000 lead gift from the Altar Society. The Development Committee and other parish leaders believe we will raise the additional funds needed to meet our goal of $1.2 million through donor solicitation by the Development Committee and a parish-wide appeal. There are some reserve funds in the Memorial Fund that donors have designated for the church and could be used for this project. However, we anticipate raising the entire $1.2 million so we can retain these funds and have them available for future ongoing church maintenance.

+ How long of a timeframe for this project to be complete?

Construction is anticipated to begin the end of May with an estimated completion date of mid-September. Due to ongoing planning, no official schedule is available at this time. During the time when the church is unavailable, Masses will be held in the St. Mary’s Colgan Fieldhouse.

+ Will handicap accessibility be improved?

There will be a ramp on the east (St. Joseph) side of the sanctuary to allow access to the candles and sanctuary. The front two pews will be cut back at the center aisle for wheelchair access. The committee is also proposing a ramp on the east side of the front steps to allow access to the front doors.

+ What is the scope of work EverGreene can provide?

EverGreene Architectural Arts is a company of conservators, artists, designers, specialty contractors and skilled craftsmen. They will handle our plaster repair, decorative painting, placement of statues, and evaluate the placement and engineering of the crucifix based on our recommendations. They will also consult with us on flooring, pews and enhanced lighting. They are going to redesign the choir loft for both functionality and aesthetics. EverGreene has provided work within our local community and our Diocese, including the Cathedral in Wichita. We will also be using local contractors for lighting, electrical, flooring and other portions of the project.