Faith Forward Goal 5:  Achieve Financial Stability
Create a capital expenditure plan for facilities and equipment

Our church is the heart of our campus and the well-spring for growth in Christ. More than 25 years have passed since Our Lady of Lourdes last underwent major physical improvements. The 112-year old plaster walls require extensive repairs and painting. The lighting system, which currently uses 1954 Chevy truck headlights for the altar, is decades overdue for an update. Hard surface flooring for the aisles and sanctuary will facilitate cleaning. In addition to these structural improvements, the pews are in constant disrepair and need to be replaced. Adding religious enhancements in the sanctuary will further bring glory to God. 

Greater will be the glory of this house the latter more than the former ... in this place I will give you peace
— Haggai 2:9

Design Concept